Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photos From Recent Friday Night Rosaries

The following photo sets were sent to us by Jim and Diana Fenker who lead the regular Friday Night Rosary at Sylvan Springs. It has become very common for images like this to appear in front of the chapels whenever people gather to pray the rosary as Our Lady requested. In most instances, the sun will be spinning quite vividly for all to see.

The first two photos were taken after the rosary on July 9. In them you can see the small ball of light that came from the sun turn into the more magnificent form we have come to recognize as that of Our Lady making Her presence known amongst those who faithfully come every Friday evening at 6:30 to pray.

In the next three photos, taken on July 16, you can see the form move about for a few moments before retreating back to the sun from which it came.
Notice how Her appearances even change angles to face the group before making an exit.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 14 Day of Miracles

Tomorrow is July 14. Every July 14 since 2001, something of a miraculous nature has taken place at Sylvan Springs for one or more visitors on that day. The first such event is described in the following article. If you are in need, we hope you are able to visit tomorrow to seek whatever it is.

This item was originally published on SpiritDaily.com. It was written by the nephew of Archbishop Paul Leibold as he told of his experience on July 14, 2001 on his first visit to Rome City, IN.
Archbishop Leibold had been the long-time spiritual director of Sr. Neuzil and had issued the Imprimaturs to her texts and commissioned a medal, plaque and statue in the image of Our Lady of America. The following is presented here for your discernment.

A nephew of Archbishop Paul F. Leibold has informed us of an extraordinary visit to the site where Sister Mildred Mary Ephrem Neuzil, the American seer, had her first apparitions.

The nephew, whose name is also Paul Leibold, and who was especially close to the now-deceased archbishop, says that during a spur-of-the moment visit on July 14 to a spot called Sylvan Springs near Rome City, Indiana, he and a small group experienced the "miracle of the sun" and that he spotted a beautifully strange blue butterfly that brings to mind phenomena reported at another apparition site in Venezuela called Betania (which he had not heard about previous to the experience).

According to Paul (who we will call by his first name to differentiate him from the archbishop), he made the trip after reading articles about the situation on this internet site and was surprised by what he found. He and 11 others piled into a recreational vehicle and headed five hours up the highway that recent Saturday.

There they found the current owner of the land, Larry Young.

"We took off to the mound where the third apparition was," says Paul, who now owns a pharmacy in the Cincinnati area.

"We said we were going to pray a family rosary, and there was another couple that had arrived just after we did, Angel and his wife Maria and their son Angel Junior.

We were getting ready to start the rosary and Larry looked at the sun and we began to see the miracle of the sun. When I was at Medjugorje we did not see the miracle of the sun. Someone with me had, and he said it was absolutely identical to what he saw on that mound.

"The next 15 to 20 minutes we sat or stood in prayer, some were kneeling and some were singing. Maria began praying over my son, who has epilepsy. I was as touched as I ever have been in prayer. As another man, Tom breaks into the song Ave Maria, a little blue butterfly lands on an altar and it was just, oh!- There was no doubt the Blessed Mother was with us, blessing us. It was solid pale blue, and absolutely beautiful.

It was a wonderful experience. It just stopped my heart. I was the only one to see it. The others were watching the sun. It just hovered over the altar area. Apparently this altar once had a gold cross and two angels facing it. There had been these black and orange butterflies in the area with no logical reason for them to be there. It's not a flowered area. It's on a mound with mulch on the ground and trees up around it and benches. These little butterflies became more and more prominent as we began talking and sharing, and then Tom broke into Ave Maria. When we got back to the parking lot Angel had some holy cards and it was the Blessed Sacrament and a gold cross with an angel on either side. There was confirmation after confirmation."

Paul had been to Medjugorje, where his experience in prayer on Apparition Hill had been so profound he never thought he would feel that way again -- knowing God was so present. "Well when I went to Rome City I had that same feeling," said Paul, "and I had had no expectations."

It was on September 25, 1956, that Sister Mildred was making a holy hour from 7 to 8 p.m. when she felt the distinct presence of Our Lady at the Indiana site. "I was under the impression that she came as Our Lady of Lourdes, and she herself confirmed this," the nun, who died last year, once wrote -- adding that the Virgin promised greater miracles in the United States.

During a vision the next morning the Virgin came in a veil, robe, and mantle of pure white as "Our Lady of America," requesting Americans to honor her by the purity of their lives.

Now the owner of the land reports that people are making inquiries about the land and pilgrims are arriving on weekends at this spot that was once owned by the Order of the Precious Blood (at the time the order to which Sister Neuzil belonged).

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Massive Earthquakes Predicted For Midwest and California "Immediately"


It isn't very often that we would report any messages from visionaries concerning current events, but in the past few weeks, we have been receiving many messages from voices all over the globe telling us that an impending earthquake was about to happen that would immediately change our lives here in the USA.

Since the focus of the messages have been so similar, we are only going to present one of the messages along with some supporting news from National Geographic and The LA Times.

All the more reason we need to preserve this Holy Ground for the work it was intended.

Excerpted from Carole Ameche's messages
From 7/5/10 10:45 p.m., at home: in word

"My dear one, please write. It is I, your God and Father. Believe I am speaking, and call you into deeper prayer and preparation. Our people will need time to recover, which will require several years after this huge loss of life and an earthquake in California that will follow the Midwest devastation, and completely change the shape and lifestyle of this country. You need to adapt a life of more prayer and quiet with your loved ones. Your own life will change forever almost immediately. You will be more convinced of My words, as you see these events begin, and the changes in your life.

The world will be at war as the Antichrist makes his appearance and unleashes his entire scheme for world domination. The loss of life will be enormous in these great quakes, and centers for people (cities, I think He means...cta) will shift drastically. My Church is about to collapse (remember the Light of Christ present in the hearts of all His faithful remnant who are the Church, and faithful is the important word here...cta) along with cities, and new scandals come to light. Your task will be obedience and dealing with each event filled with Our people, with new joys and personal sorrows every step of the way."

This is Jesus in 1999, 4/19 which seems so appropriate right now:
"Oh yes, you will see frightening things! You will continue to be tempted and deluded and distracted by the evil one, but I WILL FORGIVE you everything you bring to Me in remorse and repentance, This is so important for you to believe, to live by and to hope for. People, I weep tonight over the earth, as I did over Jerusalem. I weep for those who will not listen, and choose to remain in a life of sin. I weep for those who allow pride and personal criteria to get in the way of the Light that would, first of all, heal their blindness.
I weep for the little ones who are abused and left to wander in fear and confusion. And I weep for you, My people, who refuse to see, refuse to hear, refuse to accept My love and mercy, who now must experience My Father's justice. Your behavior cannot reflect the world and Me at the same time!"

And now, to repeat from 7-6-10:
Please, let's all attend the Sacrament of Reconciliation again, as soon as possible. Carol

God, the Father: "Communication will be interrupted along the way. The world will change totally now and be at war. Know that I count on all of you to advise and lead Our faithful. You know I am always sustaining the life force and grace within all of you, and allowing you to suffer to grow in strength, to lead and encourage and explain to My people. Reconciliation will become a theme for the lives of all, as well as patience and kindness and a sincere caring for the needs of others physically and spiritually. My Son is with you with the Holy Mother, and the prayers and nearness of Our Saints and Angels. Do not fear anyone, or attacks from others. I, Myself, am protecting you and allowing all these facts and events to unfold.

"Expect these events immediately (there's that word again that must be received with much wisdom and patience! cta.) and remain focused on My Will and direction in your life. The New Era will begin with My people returning to a renewed earth, and a time of beauty and peace and purity. You have done all I ever asked of you, and have become who I have called and prepared and blessed and gifted you to be.
Rejoice, daughter!"

6-22, the Father:
"Please tell Our people who gather (for a talk) that their Father has hesitated as long as possible to allow this earthquake, given to cleanse hearts and bring them back to their God. Unfortunately, Our people do not appreciate their gifts and possessions until great loss occurs and returns their focus on the Giver of all gifts. This quaking is a sign of My Power to give, to save and to take away. The benefit of souls is always the object of My Will, and this time of destruction prepares My people to listen to all the words of warning given to My messengers these many years. Do NOT think I will punish My faithful ones, but will protect you, that you might serve the many who will come to you in great fear and need.
This is a precursor to the Warning that will also be accompanied before, during and after by destructive events and move Our people from place to place, many of them arriving at your doorsteps and begin My plans for their salvation and all the words of explanation that are being given (at talks). Please open your hearts to listen and learn and be moved to prepare immediately for this immediate earthquake, and caring for the helpless who arrive now and at the Warning, that will be around the proverbial corner, and all you will prepare to welcome and shelter, feed and clothe then. Again I remind you, there will be great loss of life in these quakes and aftershocks, and many broken hearts to heal and shelter. You will do all they will need because of My strength and gifts, as you will at the time of the Warning. Do not fear, but prepare to help many. I thank you all for your fidelity and obedience to My requests. I am your loving Father."

6-23, I Am your God and Father:
"Dearest one, be at peace. These warnings before My faithful ones will travel far and fast to alert and save so many. Truly, I am protecting My prayer warriors and faithful children. This will be a FIRST STRIKE at cold hearts who ridicule all who do listen! They will receive the graces to accept the gifts offered here or in eternity. The New World Order will hear of your involvement in helping to save Our people and enlist the aid of many more prayers.
This area (Midwest) of your country is a strong mix of strong people able to handle others and the terrible needs and sorrows of so many. Just tell all to see this event as a pattern for the rest of your country and the world. As usual, your government will not be as prepared as they think, and much chaos will result. Do not worry, but call out for MORE PRAYER AND CONFESSION OF SINS. Invite all to alert everyone they know to the absolutely, positive facts that a huge earthquake felt through many states will change the topography (surface of the earth) and shape far and wide, and alert many more to the truth of words given at this time, and the needs for them and their personal, prayerful involvement in My plans to cleanse hearts and land from now on or in other places, also very soon. This said in love and concern for the salvation of this country.
I bless all of you who pray with all your hearts and souls for mercy for this country. Do not fear anything or anyone, My daughter. This great gift will bring more souls back to Me than ever in history. Amen. Amen."

6/25, "I am Jesus: Please alert all to pray for those coming into eternity so quickly, that they will accept My Father's merciful plan and desires for them. Pray for earthquake victims and their eternal future."
Carol Ameche

Now, click on these articles for more background:

Midwest Faces Quake Danger From Shifting Fault, Experts SayRichard Lovett
for National Geographic News
May 10, 2007


Southern California faults are feeling the pressure
Seismologists are increasingly concerned that the 7.2 Mexicali temblor on April 4 placed more pressure on faults around the Southland, resulting in increased quake activity over the last three months.


Stay Close To the Sacraments and Pray, Pray, Pray!

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Monday, July 5, 2010

People Coming From All Across America For July 10 Day of Prayer

OLTIV has received emails from people all across this country who are making travel plans to be in Rome City, IN on Saturday, July 10 for The Day of Family Prayer and Healing. Everyone has expressed a solemn desire to offer their devotion to Our Lady of America in the place where it all began in 1956.

The weather forecast is calling for Sunny skies and temperatures around 80 degrees. It should be a beautiful day, so make sure you bring your cameras. You might just get a little surprise.

Special guest speakers Ferdinand and Barabara Roccanti will begin around 11:30 am. Make sure you are there in case you have never heard their story before. It is truly a loving relationship they have with Our Lord and His Mother Mary that is worth hearing about as only they can tell it.

Please feel free to bring your coolers with a picnic lunch and cold drinks. Make sure you bring empty jugs for the spring waters to take back home for friends in need.