Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good Friday Rosary and Spring Cleaning of Holy Family Hill

There will be a group of families meeting at Sylvan Springs about 11:30 am this Friday for a rosary and picnic on Holy Family Hill.

Afterwards, they will join together to pick up sticks and debris that may have accumulated over the winter so we can make Holy Family Hill as attractive as it is peaceful for our visitors. All are welcome to join. Please bring a rake and some work gloves.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Italian Connection Supports Our Lady of America

Italian Connection2725 Taylor Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802
(260) 432-9702

If you are in the Fort Wayne area and you have a taste for REAL Italian served in an intimate shrine that pays tribute to Our Blessed Mother and The Family, you owe it to yourself to stop by for dinner. Get there early so you can walk around and see all of the icons of the Blessed Mother and the many family photos that adorn the walls. It's a very special place. Besides that, the food is FANTASTIC and affordable!

Call 260-432-9702 for RESERVATIONS!!
WARNING!!The place gets packed on weekends, but Wednesday and Thursday are easier to get in.

The following article is being reprinted with permission and the original article appeared in the March 2010 edition of Swiss City Monthly Magazine of Berne, Indiana.

The Italian Connection Restaurant: Intimate Dining in Fort Wayne

According to its Facebook® fan page, The Italian Connection Restaurant in Fort Wayne offers "authentic, homemade Italian cuisine with unforgettable ambiance." And, indeed, upon setting foot inside the tiny eatery, one is immediately struck by its very intimate atmosphere.

From the exterior, the small building located on Taylor Street looks more like a small ranch home than a gourmet restaurant. However, this business has been quite successful in its operation for more than 30 years, and, as one diner puts it, "Don’t be deceived by outward appearances!"

As if to prove that bigger isn’t necessarily better, The Italian Connection—which seats only 55—boasts more than 500 fans on its Facebook® page. And, unlike most restaurants, it has enjoyed a profitable first quarter—even with the recent winter snowfalls.

Alex Fiato, head chef and owner of The Italian Connection, doesn’t have to trace much of history to find his Italian roots. In fact, both his mother and father were just children when their families emigrated to the United States.

It’s obvious from the restaurant decor that Fiato has embraced his cultural heritage. Walls are covered with family photos, ranging in age and size, as well as religious images of important figures in the Roman Catholic church.

Fitting with both the nature of the establishment and its cultural displays, candles and soft lighting promote an otherworldly mood.

With the assistance of Sous Chef Jeremy Rice, Fiato creates homemade dishes that one customer calls "the best pasta I’ve ever had." Weekly specials might include a dish like their Seafood Ravioli, a "homemade spinach ravioli stuffed with cheese, salmon, crab...topped with shrimp and scallops."

Even the Connection’s gelato (an Italian variation on ice cream) is homemade, with flavors like maple and double chocolate. The gelato recipe has been used by Fiato’s family for generations. The restuarant staff points out, "[His ancestors] didn’t use ice cream makers, and neither does he!"

Menu entrees range from traditional spaghetti with marinara sauce, priced at $8 a plate, to the more exotic Veal Marsala—featuring medallions of veal sauteed in a Marsala wine sauce with mushrooms—still reasonably priced at $16. All entrees include a house salad and bread with garlic butter.

Fiato’s menu is time-proven, possibly because his cooking skills are a family heirloom.

Chef Fiato does not feel confined to his kitchen, and dinner guests often find conversation with the cook entertaining. And, on special occasions, Fiato even sings for his customers.

Although reservations are strongly recommended on Friday and Saturday evenings, walk-in diners are welcome. The Connection also offers carry-out, and a full menu is available on the restaurant’s Facebook® page (see the Notes tab).

The Italian Connection is happy to host groups and small parties. Fiato also provides catering services for off-site events.

Dinner reservations may be phoned in during business hours at (260)432-9702, or diners also have the option to email reservations to However, email reservations must be received no later than 4 p.m. on the evening of the reservation.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Archbishop Leibold's Nephew Tells of His Experience With The Blue Butterfly and Miracle of The Sun on Holy Family Hill

Originally Submitted in 2001, The following is Reprinted from SpiritDaily


A nephew of Archbishop Paul F. Leibold has informed us of an extraordinary visit to the site where Sister Mildred Mary Ephrem Neuzil, the American seer, had her first apparitions.

The nephew, whose name is also Paul Leibold, and who was especially close to the now-deceased archbishop, says that during a spur-of-the moment visit on July 14 to a spot called Sylvan Springs near Rome City, Indiana, he and a small group experienced the "miracle of the sun" and that he spotted a beautifully strange blue butterfly that brings to mind phenomena reported at another apparition site in Venezuela called Betania (which he had not heard about previous to the experience).

According to Paul (who we will call by his first name to differentiate him from the archbishop), he made the trip after reading articles about the situation on this internet site, and was surprised by what he found. He and 11 others piled into a recreational vehicle and headed five hours up the highway that recent Saturday.

There they found the current manager of the land, Larry Young.

"We took off to the mound where the third apparition was," says Paul, who now owns a pharmacy in the Cincinnati area. "We said we were going to pray a family rosary, and there was another couple that had arrived just after we did, Angel and his wife Maria and their son Angel Junior. We were getting ready to start the rosary and Larry looked at the sun and we began to see the miracle of the sun. When I was at Medjugorje we did not see the miracle of the sun. Someone with me had, and he said it was absolutely identical to what he saw on that mound.

"The next 15 to 20 minutes we sat or stood in prayer, some were kneeling and some were singing. Maria began praying over my son, who has epilepsy. I was as touched as I ever have been in prayer. As [another man, Tom] breaks into the song Ave, a little blue butterfly lands on an altar and it was just, oh: there was no doubt the Blessed Mother was with us, blessing us. It was solid pale blue, and absolutely beautiful. It was a wonderful experience. It just stopped my heart. I was the only one to see it. The others were watching the sun. It just hovered over the altar area. Apparently this altar once had a gold cross and two angels facing it. There had been these black and orange butterflies in the area with no logical reason for them to be there. It's not a flowered area. It's on a mound with mulch on the ground and trees up around it and benches. These little butterflies became more and more prominent as we began talking and sharing, and then Tom broke into Ave. When we got back to the parking lot Angel had some holy cards and it was the Blessed Sacrament and a gold cross with an angel on either side. There was confirmation after confirmation."

Paul had been to Medjugorje, where his experience in prayer on Apparition Hill had been so profound he never thought he would feel that way again -- knowing God was so present. "Well when I went to Rome City I had that same feeling," said Paul, "and I had had no expectations."

It was on September 25, 1956, that Sister Mildred was making a holy hour from 7 to 8 p.m. when she felt the distinct presence of Our Lady at the Indiana site. "I was under the impression that she came as Our Lady of Lourdes, and she herself confirmed this," the nun, who died last year, once wrote -- adding that the Virgin promised great miracles in the United States.

During a vision the next morning the Virgin came in a veil, robe, and mantle of pure white as "Our Lady of America," requesting Americans to honor her by the purity of their lives.

Now the owner of the land reports that people are making inquiries about the land and pilgrims are arriving on weekends at this spot that was once owned by the Order of the Precious Blood (at the time the order to which Sister Neuzil belonged).

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