Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Statement From OLTIV

Due to the rapidly declining spirit of commentary being expressed on this website by those who are apparently new to this forum and have shown a deep lack of respect for others in their comments, a "free" exchange is no longer possible. It is a sad day when a few anonymous people choose to destroy something that has been so fruitful in creating awareness of OLA.

As moderators, we have enjoyed over a year of pleasant and enlightening exchanges on this site with very little need for deletion, editing or commentary. We will attempt to bring the community back in line with the intended purpose of this blog---to foster the devotion to Our Lady of America and create awareness of the Holy Ground in Rome City, IN chosen by Our Most Blessed Mother to reveal Herself as Our Lady of America and where She Herself gave birth to this special devotion.

Hopefully, those who visit this site will continue to grow in their knowledge and love for OLA and the healing legacy of this special place in Our Lady's heart without the stream of poisonous commentary being steadily fed into it by special interests unsupportive of OLTIV's mission. If you feel you cannot comment without attacking others or slandering those who have worked hard to bring about this special devotion, either in the last 40 years or the last 8 years, may we suggest you publish your comments elsewhere?