Friday, January 18, 2008

Oil Continues Exuding From Walls in Blue Room

Many of you will remember a report on this site shortly after Holy Week 2007 when photos of the oil running down the walls of the "Blue Room" at Sylvan Springs were first shown. This phenomenon began on Tuesday of Holy Week. It has been a "must see" for all visitors on the free tours every Friday. No explanation of how this is occurring has yet been established. It is definitely oil and not water.

On January 7, 2008 (Mother of Mercy), it began flowing again. This time, the flow was even more dynamic and with much greater volume. It is continuing, even though the ambient temperature is 40 degrees. The flow runs all the way down the wall and pools along the baseboard in honey-like beads.

No other rooms in the entire building are experiencing this same phenomena.

As if this wasn't enough, a concrete statue of The Sacred Heart of Jesus developed a rather striking coloration this same day that speaks for itself. The air temperature is around 25 degrees and the statue is frozen solid and completely dry.

Anyone interested in conducting a proper investigation is welcome to contact us at These mystical events need to be examined without prejudice.