Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Iran is calling for the complete annihilation of Israel and is proceeding with uranium enrichment.

Turkey is threatening to invade Northern Iraq.

Monks are being killed in Burma for protesting against a military government.

Russia's Putin isn't happy...AGAIN!

Catholic schools are being targeted by extremists...both abroad and right here in the USA.

The top "family" movies and programs in this country are based upon divorce situations and children are given roles whereby they appear to be more adult. In these situations, even the children are perceived as promiscuous.

The southern states are running out of water...FAST!

Lake levels throughout the midwest are dropping.

California is on fire. It may be a looooong time before it it out of trouble.

Experts still suggest the BIG earthquake can happen at any moment.

We are in hurricane season.

Notre Dame football tickets are cheaper than tic-tacs.

In other news, those who came to the Friday Night Rosary on July 27 will remember a young mother who brought her baby in search of Our Lord's healing. Before the mass and rosary, the community gathered around and everyone prayed along with Irv for Our Lady of America's intercession on behalf of this very fragile child. Almost 200 people were gathered around this little baby and his family.

Well, we received a report just last week that this same little baby who was brought to Sylvan Springs for a healing back on July 27 due to a hole in his 8 week old heart is now doing fine. The doctors determined the hole was no longer there (through no efforts on their part). Although they had no real answer as to how this could happen, they determined that the little boy should go home with his young mother and grow up to rides bikes and do all the stuff boys do.

I guess the news isn't all bad!

Pray for peace.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

OLA Message Is All Around Us

While watching the round of morning news shows, I came across Bill Cosby talking about his new book called "Come On People: On the Path from Victims to Victors" that he authored with Alvin F. Poussaint. In this book, the authors are calling upon Americans, especially Black Americans, to shed their own stereotypes and take control of their own lives by being responsible and choosing purity. These choices, the authors proclaim, will save them from an early demise and help restore their families and communities. WHAT A CONCEPT! It would be brilliant had Our Lady of America not already sounded this same warning bell 51 years earlier.

What these men are illustrating by the call to action in their book is that the messages of Our Lady of America in calling America's children to choose a life of purity, is UNIVERSAL...just like the Catholic Church!

It shows, without any doubt, that our society is acknowledging it is sick and that the cure for us all is in leading our children to choose those things in their life that are pleasing to God. Those are the things that He has laid before us for our own good and for the good of others. We must encourage our kids to avoid those things which are un-Godly and not good for us and each other. It is really very simple. Yet, it seems to be an uphill battle for us to compete against the pressures of advertisers and various media-related messages which constantly reinforce our "need" for these things which ultimately destroy us.

Have you Super-sized your order lately? Do you know what ALL of the lyrics are on your kid's iPod? Have you noticed car ads NEVER list the full sales price of a vehicle, just the monthly payment? Why are teen fashions getting tighter and tighter with more lettering across the backs of their shorts and across their revealing low-cut T-shirts?

Now, more than ever, it is time for these messages to be made known to all. It is already being mainstreamed by people like Bill Cosby and the media is listening to the message when it comes from people like him. Why won't they listen when it comes from Our Lady? Who will be the voice to the nation on Her behalf?

It's going to have to be each and every one of YOU!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Saturday, October 13

It was on Saturday, October 13, 1917 that the Miracle of The Sun took place at Fatima.

It was on Saturday, October 13, 1956 that what many consider to be the most important message of Our Lady of America was given to Sr. Millie in the Our Lady Mother of Mercy Chapel in Rome City, IN. It was this particular message that many involved in promoting the OLA devotion have taken as their main focus in educating the Bishops: Our Lady's request that She be enthroned as "Our Lady of America" in the National Basilica to the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. Our Lady promised "miracles greater than those of Lourdes and Fatima" if her request was fulfilled. Due to the protocols involved with statuary displays in Basilicas, it is up to the Bishops to fulfill this request.

There must be something special about Saturday, October 13 for Our Blessed Mother because She seems to do some of Her most important work on this particular day/date.

The door will be open if you would like to join us in praying a rosary in the Our Lady Mother of Mercy Chapel in Rome City, IN.

P.S. She asks that you bring the children with you.

************SPECIAL THANK YOU***********

We would also like to give a big THANK YOU to Alex Fiato at The Italian Connection Restaurant in Fort Wayne, IN for all his hard work in assisting OLTIV in its efforts to spread this devotion. As President of The Father Solanus Casey Knights of Columbus, Alex has a great depth of knowledge of all things Marian, especially the historical connections between Rome City and The Mystical City of God.

Alex has made Wednesday and Thursday FAMILY NIGHT at his restaurant and he is running a dinner special/fundraiser for OLTIV. The whole family can have an affordable sit-down dinner and Alex is able to share information packets on the Our Lady of America messages after the family offers an open prayer of thanks before their meal.

Alex reports that the response from families coming in for the special as well as his regular patrons has been astounding. He says it has made people, who otherwise would be unaware of Our Lady's requests, well-informed of this canonically-approved special devotion and has motivated many to make a their own pilgrimage to Rome City seeking help with their own special intentions and spiritual growth.

If you would like more info on this unique program and how you can go about spreading the word through your own business, call Alex directly at 260-432-9702. He will be happy to share with you his experience to help you in your own efforts.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Revisit of Open Letter from the Owner of Sylvan Springs

This letter was originally posted April 28, 2007. By special request, it is being re-run in hopes of reaching out in OLTIV's mission to secure this holy ground for Our Lady's work. Please help if you can.

Open Letter from the Owners of Sylvan Springs

To All of Our Lady’s Faithful Children,

On behalf of my entire family, I would like to express our sincere thanks to all who have been supportive of Our Lady of America and our private effort to preserve this Holy Ground for the use of all those in need of God’s healing grace. For all of those who have given their help to OLTIV, I can assure you it has been worthwhile. So many more people have come to know about Our Lady of America through their efforts.

It has been a unique privilege and opportunity to do this work at Our Lady’s request. It was not what we had intended on doing when we started on this venture seven years ago, but it turns out it is exactly what She had in mind.

I have learned many things along the way:

Our Lady has a keen sense of humor. Most mothers do when it comes to their children. She has used us in so many crazy ways that, once you stop and realize what She has just gotten you to do, you can’t help but sit and laugh at how incredibly funny She is. Her escort angels are pretty hilarious too, but you’ll all have to wait a little longer to hear about them and their antics.

We have had so many people show up at this place, with the same bewildered look on their face, saying “Forgive me, but I have no idea why I’m here.” We soon came to learn that the Holy Spirit was guiding these people here (some from overseas) for specific reasons, each one different from the last. We learned to drop what we were doing and attend to them so God could do His work with these people. Each one of these visitors left here healed in the specific way they needed. I’ve learned that people should come expecting nothing but take what they are given because Our Lady knows you better than you know yourself and She will give you what you need, not necessarily what you want.

People have often asked about the water and the healings. I’ve learned the water is a metaphor for God’s grace that emanates from this property. It has been this way from the very beginning when the future Archbishop Noll helped the young Dr. Geiermann to acquire the property for its use as a healing center. It was then supported over the years by the hard work and sacrifices made by the many devoted Sisters of The Precious Blood who worked tirelessly, some even giving their lives, to help heal those who were sent here for healing or tender care in their last days. I feel it is because of these committed acts of love that Our Lady chose this place to deliver the central Our Lady of America messages.

Just as the spring water that flows year-round from underneath this property collects in the ponds and canals before finally overflowing into the river tributary where it joins the rest of the world, so it is with the special graces that flow from this place. People come here, receive these graces, and end up taking some extra blessings with them which, in turn, are passed on to others they come into contact with.

I think it is no coincidence that the dramatic increase in frequency of reported healings and spiritual awakenings taking place here (examples of God’ graces) share the same timeline as the rebirth of a once-dormant spring. This spring had not flowed since the Sisters of The Precious Blood left this place in 1977 and it suddenly erupted back to life on Good Friday afternoon a few weeks ago. This increase in God’s graces is being echoed in the unheard of doubling of the life-sustaining spring waters flowing from this property. This is a definite sign that should be properly acknowledged.

If there is one thing I would like everyone to remember, it is this:

Our Lady of America knows what you need and also knows what those around you need. She knows how to use us to move these graces amongst her children like the flowing water. Water always finds the path of least resistance just like God’s graces. Stop trying so hard and just work on being obedient. Be less resistant. Say “yes” to Her call and She will do the rest.

We have never felt like owners of this property even though we have always felt a great responsibility to act as stewards in preparing it for its highest and best use.

We knew nothing about Our Lady of America when we took this project on, but we have learned what we need to do to help ensure the success of Sylvan Springs in bringing families closer to Jesus Christ. We know what needs to be done.

Canon law requires that shrines not be privately owned. They must be owned by a not-for-profit and overseen by a religious order that need to show a secondary use of the property besides that of a shrine. This facility could easily be run as a semi-retirement home for religious while serving the various pilgrims who are very interested in visiting. It is also set up to handle water bottling and athletic competitions on any of the twelve high-quality athletic fields which have been constructed. It could be a very unique situation for America.

We have been working for nearly two years to find the right group or individual to provide the funding support necessary to convert this property and hold it for Our Lady of America’s work. Unfortunately, our ability to keep up this search has come to an end. Unless a solution to our needs presents itself immediately, we will be selling the property on the open market. This is a terribly painful decision for our family but it is the only option we have left.

If anyone reading this is interested in being a part of something special, please do not hesitate to contact us through the OLTIV email at We are open to suggestions from interested parties. Partnership opportunities, outright purchase, or leasing are possible business relationships that could ensure the success of this facility.


Larry Young
Managing Partner

Monday, October 8, 2007

OLA Arrives in Milwaukee!!

OLA Arrives in Milwaukee!!

The OLA statue that had recently been in New York and New Jersey is now on display at St. Anthony's in Milwaukee, WI. It will be there for approximately 3 weeks.

St Anthony Roman Catholic Church
1711 South 9th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204
Pastor: Fr. Anthony Cirignani, OFM

Friday, October 5, 2007

New Photos....What's Happening Here?

These photos were captured with a 35 mm camera on July 19, 2007 at Sylvan Springs in Rome City, IN while a group of people were witnessing the spinning of the sun after just completing a rosary on Holy Family Hill.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

About One Week Later...

In early October, 1956, about a week after Our Lady's first appearance, St. Joseph, though I did not see him at this time, spoke to me the following words:

"It is true my daughter, that immediately after my conception, I was, through the future merits of Jesus and because of my exceptional role of future Virgin-Father, cleansed from the stain of original sin."

"I was from that moment confirmed in grace and never had the slightest stain on my soul. This is my unique privilege among men.

"My pure heart also was from the first moment of existence inflamed with love for God. Immediately, at the moment when my soul was cleansed from original sin, grace was infused into it in such abundance that, excluding my holy spouse, I surpassed the holiness of the highest angel in the angelic choir.

"My heart suffered with the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Mine was a silent suffering, for it was my special vocation to hide and shield as long as God willed, the Virgin Mother and Son from the malice and hatred of men."

"The most painful of my sorrows was that I knew beforehand of their passion, yet would not be there to console them."

"Their future suffering was ever present to me and became my daily cross. I became, in union with my holy spouse, co-redemptor of the human race. Through compassion for the sufferings of Jesus and Mary I co-operated, as no other, in the salvation of the world."