Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Letters

These two comments were left this past week from people who were obedient to the call to come to Rome directly, the other indirectly. Isn't it funny how things work out sometimes? To get to one, you sometimes have to go through another.

Helen, Huntington, IN said...

I was told by Our Lord Jesus to "go to Rome City and wash in the waters" last night. This morning I asked friends of mine from Church if they would drive me to Rome City so I could do as I was instructed. I knew in my heart that I was to wash in the water from the Good Friday well.

I had been following the events of Our Lady of America and had always received great encouragement in Her messages. I had shared my books with my friends and so they were very understanding when I asked them to help me get there today.

We prayed a full rosary together as we drove along the highway. As wecompleted the Divine Mercy chaplet, we were in Kendallville and I could feel my pulse getting quicker with anticipation of being in Our Lady's presence.

When we arrived at Sylvan Springs, we did not see anyone around at first. Then we saw a man working on a tractor by one of the barns and we asked him where we would find the water. He took us down to the well and it was really shooting out of there. I'm surprised we missed it as we drove by the first time but we were so full of excitement as we drove in I guess it was only natural.

He told us how the water had started flowing on Good Friday and how many people were coming to get the water and that it was very refreshing and very safe to drink.

I proceeded to wash in it and drink freely. It was some of the most refreshing water I had ever tasted and I felt a feeling come over me instantly that seemed to free me from any worry or pain I had been carrying with me. Jesus took it all away. We all drank some more and filled some containers to take with us.

Then we went in to see the chapel where the apparitions took place and it was almost too much for us to imagine that Our Lady had been there, in my own lifetime, and had given Sr. Neuzil these wonderful messages. I was standing right where She had been and I could hardly contain the emotion. We all began tearing up and prayed Hail Marys and asked for Her intercession in our lives to help us all. It was almost too emotional to describe.

As we were leaving, I suddenly realized that the man who was showing us around and being so kind to us was the owner Larry. He said he understood why we were there and that we were welcome to stay and pray as long as we needed. We talked about everything we felt the whole way home. I hope to return soon with more friends.

The fact that I am even typing this account is evidence that my terrible arthritic hands are working quite well this evening. I asked for my hands to be healed and Jesus was very good to this humble sinner today. Praise God and His Holy Name!

May 24, 2007 9:45 PM

Then, the next day...

Anonymous said...

I have spent most all of this day at Adoration trying to make sense of my last 24 hours and praying for an answer if I should even say anything. Late this afternoon I got my answer while in confession and so I know I need to tell everyone no matter what may happen.

I was part of a small group that visited Sylvan Springs yesterday when I was asked to drive a dear friend of ours to Rome City because she felt Jesus had told her to go and wash in the water there. I have known this woman for many years and very holy and inspired things have always happened to and through her so I did not hesitate when she asked for the ride. I knew she had to do it. She has already told her story here.

It is a beautiful place and the owners are doing a great job keeping it up and trying to preserve the feeling of it for Our Lord's work. When I entered the chapel where the apparitions happened back in 1956 with Sr. M. Neuzil, I was met with a rush of wind across my face and I fell to my knees and rested in the spirit for what seemed like an eternity. This was a new sensation for me but I would have been happy to live that way the rest of my living days if I could.

The Virgin Mary appeared to me looking like Our Lady of America and she said "Thank you for bringing me my children". I was completely in a state of grace and could not say a word to anyone. I know now that I was crying, but at the time I was the most alive I have felt in all my life.

Our Lady is there and I felt her and saw her with my heart. She is waiting for us all and she does not care who you are or what you may have done. She is love and she wants us to know her son personally.

This is what I can say at this time and I know it all happened so quickly. I was not prepared for it. It shook me to my soul but I would be most happy to have that feeling all the time. If this is how heaven feels, I intend to do everything within my power to have that be my permanent feeling some day.

Do yourself a favor and make the trip and feel it for yourself. It was the best surprise I could have gotten.

May 25, 2007 5:57 PM

Monday, May 28, 2007

And...More Photos

These photos were taken from Holy Family Hill while the sun was spinning shortly after the completion of the regular Friday Night Rosary on April 27.

The person who submitted these photos felt instructed to bring a camera this particular evening along with fresh flowers for the altar. Our Lord has a pretty grand way of saying "thank you".

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Obedience Rewarded

While picking up a few things at the grocery, I overheard a mother tell her two children that if they behaved and helped Mommy get her shopping done, they could each get a piece of candy when they checked out. If either one of them misbehaved, then there would be no candy for either of them.

I casually observed them as they wound their way around the store and the younger child began to act up in the middle of the aisle and was blocking another shopper from getting through. The older child rushed up to the younger child and said "You have to be good like Mommy said or we won't get any candy. Come on, let's be good!" With that, the younger child's tears vanished and his demeanor did a complete 180 degree turn towards that of a happy-go-lucky child. Inspired by the good example of his older brother, he was motivated by the hope that he would be rewarded that piece of candy when their work was done.

So it has been with God and His people all throughout history. Abraham did as he was told, even at the potential sacrifice of his own son. Moses did as he was asked even though he knew he would not benefit from entering the promised land himself (but his people would). Our Blessed Mother said "Yes" to God's calling as did her spouse St. Joseph. They were followed by their earthly son Jesus when he accepted God the Father's plan and took his place on the cross to vanquish sin for us all. All were rewarded for their obedience to God's Perfect Will.

This rich tradition continues today here in Rome City as many of God's people, of differing faiths, are obediently answering His call and making their way to Rome City to receive His blessings in the manner they most need. Each of the situations that have been described on this site are unique but similar in that they have all been "told" to go to Rome City. When they put aside their own determinations and obeyed, they have all been rewarded with what they needed and God was willing to so generously supply.

We are all His children and He has thrown the doors wide open for all to respond. Please be obedient to His invitation when it becomes your turn. You will be rewarded. That's God's Way!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

May 18 Rosary Group Photos

The following photos were taken at the May 18 Friday Night Rosary at Sylvan Springs. Some of the regular group gathered for a photo around the statue of Our Lady of America that has been credited with several miraculous healings in the past year. Although the picture is a little fuzzy, the orbs are definitely in attendance as well.

Later on, the next three photos were taken while watching the sun spinning from the front of the building looking West past the "Our Lady Mother of Mercy Chapel" where the Our Lady of America apparitions took place in 1956.

In the first two photos, pay attention to the blue light above the sun in the sky and notice how it moves in successive shots. This is NOT the planet Venus. Also, notice the rays of the sun as they jet across the sky in a burst while you can see the definitive shape of the cross sitting atop the sun's sphere.

The last photo needs no explanation. The three photos of the sun were taken in the space of about 20 seconds.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Letter Submission

Things have obviously been moving at a faster and faster pace this past year in regards to phenomena surrounding Our Lady of America and the Rome City property where it all began (and is apparently continuing to this day).

As one might very well presume, not all of the manifestations have been in the form of physical healings, oil exuding from walls, or springs exploding back to life after being dormant over 30 years. Some of the manifestations have come more quietly in the form of interior locutions experienced by those contemplating Our Lady of America during private prayers, or in the following case, during Eucharistic Adoration.

The following letter was submitted by one of this community's viewers after careful consideration and spiritual direction. It is presented here for your discernment.

I have been asked by Our Lady of America to share this message with Her Children. I have been given permission by my Spiritual Director to relay this information.

I awoke the morning of 4-26-07 and was strongly being urged to go to Adoration. Since it is my schedule to go to Adoration in the afternoon, not mornings, I felt it might be okay to wait until then; but the urging was so great that I decided I should not wait.

As I entered the Adoration Chapel I started my normal routine of prayer and contemplation, not having any idea what was about to happen and what would soon be given to me to share with others. One thing, as I look back, that was unusual as I was leaving for Adoration was I was also urged to take a tablet along with me. This is very out of character for me when I go to pray in front of the Eucharist, yet I did as I was urged to do. Within 15 to 20 minutes of prayer, much to my surprise, I started receiving a message from Our Lady of America. The inner locution was so clear and so distinct it was as if she were right there speaking to me. I quickly knew I needed the tablet I was so urged to bring with me, for this particular message was longer than any I had received in the past..

The message that follows is only a portion of the message I was told to share with Our Lady’s Children. The entirety of the message is to be shared at a later time.

This is the portion of the message I have been asked to tell Our Lady’s Children.

Our Lady of America said to me:
“Go and tell my children that if they refuse to recognize me as their Mother then they are refusing to recognize My Son as their One God as well as the loss and protection of the Holy Family.
Go in God”

After the completion of the Entire Message was given to me, Our Lady of America asked me to remove my medal of Her that was around my neck, and to leave it with Her Son. I knew, by Her Son, She meant the Eucharist in the Chapel. I knew Our Lady wanted me to leave this precious medal that had been blessed for me specifically for Her Recognition as Our Lady of America, with Her Son and to Now become recognized with Him. This symbolic gesture, She asked of me, I knew was for All of Us as we continued to do as She asked and to purify our lives. It was a very difficult thing for me to do, since I held that medal with such great Devotion! I knew Our Lady knew this. As I placed it on the altar in front of the Eucharist, I knelt down to say goodbye and as I got up I was astonished to find that I was unable to physically turn my body around and walk out of the Chapel. I was unable to turn My Back on the Eucharist! I backed out of the small Chapel until I no longer could see the Eucharist with my own eyes. Only then was I able to physically turn around and walk away in a forward direction. I felt very much that this was a Grace being given by Our Lady, and I thanked Her.

I pray that my obedience to Our Lady in relaying this portion of the message to Her Children will please Her and be of comfort to All of Us. As Our Lady said to all of Her Children that day, “Go in God”.

In the name of Our Lady of America the Immaculate Virgin,
Peace and Purity,
T.W. in South Bend.IN.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Letter Submission

The following letter was submitted this morning by a woman who felt drawn to Sylvan Springs by Our Lady because she needed something. Miracles come in all forms, big and small, physical and spiritual, and we need to be mindful to give thanks when we receive them. This woman's letter is a great example of just that. In spite of all her troubles, she took time to give thanks for the little miracle.

Please pray for her and her family as they come to know more about Our Lady of America and Her plea to the American family. Maybe this little miracle can be exchanged, through Our Lady's help, for an even bigger miracle for this family if we all ask together.

I had occasion to drive past Sylvan Springs two times over the past five days. My son attends Howe Military School, and last Saturday evening we drove through Rome City on our way to Kendallville for a Mother’s Day Ball. (How fitting that it was Mother’s Day we were celebrating). I looked at the “For sale” sign and my interest was immediately piqued. Having far too much on my mind (we are facing extreme financial difficulties at this time, I feel we are struggling in marriage, and most importantly, I am trying to become closer to Our Lord and lay my burdens at his feet to take his yoke), I tried unsuccessfully to remember the website address shown on the for sale sign. Off we went to the ball.

On Tuesday, I had to return my son to Howe from Louisville Kentucky. It was a one day trip (lots of miles and time), and I prayed for our Lord’s blessing as I set out in a car that was “dicey”. Typically, I exit I-69 at US 20 and come across through Lagrange. For some reason, I told my son, let’s get off in Kendallville. Again we passed by Sylvan Springs and postulated about its former “purposes”. Again we read the for sale sign, and my son said “Mom, remember”. I repeated it mentally over 100 times – I was truly interested in the history of the property as it reminded me of the College I attended (Seton Hill College run by the Sisters of Mercy in Pennsylvania). I thought it weird that I had no clue as to what the property was, but that it hearkened me to my Catholic college!

When I arrived home, I again was unable to remember But this time, I would not be swayed into forgetting completely. I googled, and googled, and googled…was it onliv? Was it olniv? What was it?! Then I hit upon it…and spent some time reviewing your website/blog.

Although Catholic, I have not spent much time in Marian Devotion. I really have no foundation in Marian Devotion whatsoever – and couldn’t speak to Her other than through a single Hail Mary. At this point, although I have a rosary sitting next to me, I cannot even tell you how to say the rosary. And that is sad – and that will change.

The subject of this email is “Thank you”. I give thanks to you for hearing the Holy Mother’s call, for because of your heeding, I have found a missing piece of my walk with Our Lord. See, I often tell my family that “if Momma isn’t one is happy”, yet I spend my time in prayer only remembering God, the Father and asking for his intercession in life. To me, it is truly awesome that God led me past Sylvan Springs not once, but twice over the Mother’s Day holiday to remind me that in my trials upon this earth, I seem to have forgotten my Holy Mother – and one simply cannot forget one’s Mother.

So I head off on my journey to walk closer to the Mother whom I must emulate, and to walk closer to the Son, whom she so greatly wants me to know. Thank you thank you thank you for your devotion and dedication, not only to Sylvan Springs, but to our Mother, whom we rely on for all things helpful with our Lord. I pray that your work, in what ever fashion She and our Lord chooses to allow, continues to bring each and every soul closer to Him.

The next time I am near, I would love the opportunity to stop and pray to the Blessed Mother and our Father – and to thank you in person.

Blessings to you in this noble calling. (And forgive my rambling, I can only hope you understand the strength of feeling in this “tome” and see the path that the Lord has set me on…which has led right past your door).

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Good Friday Well

As many regular readers will remember, on Good Friday afternoon this past year, a dormant spring suddenly began gushing over 100 gallons/minute of fresh spring water.

This spring had once been the source of water for a wading pool used by the Sisters of The Precious Blood in the course of their Kneipp water treatments. The same year the sisters decided to sell the property (1976), the spring dried up and did not flow again until this past Good Friday when it erupted back to life in a big way. The flow of water was so great, it soon overflowed the capacity of the existing drains and began flowing down the hillside creating a second waterfall on the property.

Today, the water is flowing at an even faster rate of 140 gallons/minute and is causing the water at the top of the well to shoot 10 inches above the water line. It is really something to see. In addition to this, the spring that provides the water for the scenic waterfall leading to Holy Family Hill has doubled in its volume too! The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has no explanation for these events to be happening.

This is the water that recent visitors have been collecting and taking with them in gallon jugs and drinking water bottles. It is conveniently located just off the main driveway leading into the facility. Come thirsty. Leave refreshed!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

More Photos Of The Miracle of The Sun

These photos were taken on April 20, 2007 during the regular Friday night rosary. This person was standing at the base of Holy Family Hill at the time.

Notice the small bright light as it moved around the sun with no regular pattern.

More photos will be posted later.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Miraculous Photo Revisited

This photo was submitted by one of this community's viewers. He took a photo of the spinning sun and the dramatic figure which dropped from it and enhanced it so it was more distinct. This photo was taken from the top of Holy Family Hill and had been previously posted on this website.

He says:
"All I did was use the photo program I have and turned the original into a negative effect and adjusted the brightness."

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Friday Night Rosary Group

Thanks to all of you who joined us in spirit this past Friday night for the reciting of the 15 decade rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

These are some of the regular Friday night rosary group who assembled for a photo after the May 4 rosary. Can you see the orbs in the background as they move around?