Monday, August 6, 2007

The Movement is Getting Stronger!

On July 14, 2001, Our Lady asked "Bring me my children. Bring me ALL of my children!" She did not make this request for Her benefit but for the benefit of Her children. Each one of us. She wants to give us all something, but we each need to make the trip to the place She has chosen.

More and more people are visiting the site of the Our Lady of America apparitions in Rome City, IN. They come for many reasons. Everyone is seeking something. Even non-Catholics (or those with no church affiliations of any kind) with no previous knowledge of Our Lady of America. They just come in because they felt "called" to this place...sometimes from cities far away. It is at this place that they are being given whatever special gift it is She knows they are in need of.

The spiritual awakenings that are taking place in the numerous visitors are sometimes quite obvious. Other times, it is far more subtle. Whether it is in their tearful expressions of gratitude or just the slowing of their pace as they stroll the grounds, you can easily observe the change in the visitors as they immerse themselves in the quieting presence of the Holy Spirit which permeates the buildings and grounds. The look on their faces is a telltale sign that Our Lady is addressing each and every one of their particular needs.

People are hungry for what they are receiving here. It is why many of them return every Friday and even multiple times throughout the week. They are satisfying their cravings for closeness through their devotional prayers and countless rosaries. Along with helping to satisfy their hunger for the Divine Indwelling, Our Lady has been helping us to do God's work in feeding the hungry physically too!

Recently, we have begun receiving a bountiful delivery of fresh bread and other goodies from a family with a strong devotion and commitment to Jesus and His Mother Mary. Their gift has allowed Our Lady of America to help feed many of those suffering the effects of a low economy in this area as well as those who depend on area soup kitchens for a nutritious meal. Bread is taken to those in need and they all are told that this gift is from Our Lady of America and they are all made aware of Our Lady's special love for ALL of Her children. This is a program that has done many wonderful things very quickly. Pray for all of the good people giving their time and resources to make this program an even bigger success.

To help OLTIV continue in its mission to expand its ability to assist those in need who visit each day, we need your help.

Many visitors are not able to walk very well and they need the assistance of a gas-powered golf cart to get them about the property...especially to Holy Family Hill which is about 1/4 mile from the building. These golf carts, properly equipped, cost $3500 each (used). They are necessary and we could use several at this time. Your tax-deductible contribution to this effort would be very much appreciated by those who are in need of this equipment.

There are also the multitude of other expenses that go with the maintenance of this wonderful place that need to be paid each month. Please do what you can to help.

Thank you for continuing to answer Our Lady's call to "Bring me my children."